Intuitive Interface

Using colours consistently throughout Shentry ensures users can know what item they are looking at by the colour of the button or the background of the table data. This is the Shentry Admin page, that show admins and assistants use to manage their show.

Online Entries

Competitors and exhibitors can enter directly online using the front end schedule, very similar to using an online store, pick the class or section, fill in the required fields and add to your entry.

Drag and Drop Schedule

Make changes to your schedule using drag and drop, as well as simple fill down functions to make adjusting your schedule simple. For your first show, Shentry will import your schedule and help you set the entire system up to suit your requirements.

Stewards Books

Print your stewards books with ease, drill down to find the section you want to print, or print an entire class. Print empty sections, sections with entrants, or both, its up to you.

On the day, or after the show, enter the results from each section and produce prize money reports.

Record Placings

On the day, or after the show, enter the results from each section and produce prize money reports.

Michael Coggan - Secretary Maffra Agricultural Society 2019

We have been using Shentry for 3 years now.

When I began my role as Secretary of the Maffra Show we had no online entry system and relied on the mail system to receive entries. For the 4 weeks prior to our Show I would be absorbed in opening envelopes, typing up entries and banking cheques. We have found the Shentry online entry system to be a huge time and money saver. In our first year of using Shentry (last year) we had over 65% of entries done online. This indicates the ease with which entrants found the system and resulted in an enormous saving of my time in processing the entries and reconciling our banking. We also found that the $1,200 we spent on entry forms will no longer be required this year and plan to reduce our printing and waste costs further over time in subsequent years.

I have found Mark to be very accommodating when using Shentry. He was available 24/7 (almost) to answer questions or solve problems. He has managed to find and develop innovative solutions to the complex requirements of agricultural shows entries and record keeping. This year we are hoping to be able to have our results done (by school students helping our stewards) on Shentry which will further reduce our recording time requirements and also develop our younger Show enthusiasts.

The Maffra Agricultural Society highly regards the Shentry online system and would thoroughly recommend its use for all types of shows.

Shentry is cloud based and can be used from most web ready devices, from tablets, to mobile phones, as well as pc and mac computers.

The advantages of shentry being cloud based are: